Chemical and microbiological analyzes of WATER

Through our certified partners EU Consulting proposes you: Chemical and microbiological analyzes of WATER


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Water is used as a technological medium, for dissolving various materials and substances, as a cooling agent for thermal processes or as a thermal agent, for washing equipment or materials, workspaces, diluting and transporting manure, food preparation, medicines, products veterinary or technological use? Water sources are limited: groundwater, surface deposits and water from rivers and lakes. The largest amount of water on earth, sea and ocean water, is very little used due to the high content of dissolved salts. The great diversity of water sources also means a diversity of physicochemical and sometimes microbiological characteristics of different water uses.


Chemically pure water does not exist in nature. The components of each type of water use have specific values, regulated by quality documents, which are verified and controlled by specific analyzes. Thus, for drinking water there is Law no. 458 of 2002, supplemented by Law 311 of 2004, which establishes the maximum values ​​of a number of 26 chemical compounds, heavy metals, radioactive elements and microorganisms.

Eu Consulting offers you support for the current control of water drinking by determining:

- Aluminum, Ammonium, Iron
- Color Conductivity, Taste, Smell, Turbidity
- Bacteria coliforme, Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Number of colonies developed
- Hydrogen ion concentration (pH), Free residual chlorine, Nitrites, Oxidability Sulfides and hydrogen sulfide
- and other complex analyzes.


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