Leaching Tests for SOLID WASTE

Through our certified partners EU Consulting offers you: Leaching Tests for SOLID WASTE for characterization for storage cf. Order 95/2005


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The leachate analysis highlights the most important aspect regarding the stored waste - the washing with water from the natural precipitations of the different components and the pollution of the lands and waters in the vicinity. In accordance with Ord. 95/2005 are specified the categories of solid, granular waste, the chemical characteristics for admission to storage and the testing methods of these specific properties.


The main test is the leachate analysis, which simulates in the laboratory the washing of the stored material by natural precipitations. The main components verified by this test are heavy metals, which do not undergo transformations over time and are toxic to living things and terrestrial and aquatic plants. In order to be included in the list related to a certain deposit class, a waste is subjected to Level 1 testing, which consists in the general characterization, performed with standardized analysis methods, to determine the physico-chemical composition and to test the leaching behavior and / or of the variation of short and long term characteristics. The indicators to be tested, as well as the maximum allowed limits are established for each type of deposit.



EU Consulting offers you a professional report for determining the acceptance criteria of a type of waste on a certain class of landfills established taking into account the characteristics of the waste, namely:


- physico-chemical composition;
- organic matter content;
- biodegradability of the contained organic compounds;
- the content of potentially toxic / dangerous compounds;
- predicted / tested leachability;
- ecotoxicological properties of waste and leachate.



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