Complete package of services INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS

EU Consulting offers you: Complete package of INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS services customized on the company profile according to the Environmental Authorization

Because the new social conditions created by the pandemic bring different challenges for the societies that operates in Industry, and now, more than ever, actions / objectives such as: traceability, cost efficiency, resource organization and preventive strategy are implemented at the level for each organization, efficient resource management becomes essential.

Have you ever faced difficult scheduling of industrial analysis?

The variety of analyses in your Environmental Permit creates organizational challenges annual / periodic sampling? Has the interpretation of the results of industrial analyzes become a challenge due to the abundant flow of changes in environmental legislation? If you answered yes to the above questions, you need a Complete Industrial Analysis Services Package

Package Description

Service Type: Environmental Analysis

Complete package for Industry customized with the company profile, analyzes that appear in the Environmental Permit, the Water Management Authorization, etc.

The sustainable solution for the efficiency of the resources invested for the collection, execution, correct interpretation and reporting of results to Environmental Authorities for all analyzes, industrial activities to be carried out by your company within a set time frame.


- The complete offer for a determined period for all the analyzes necessary to be performed annually/periodic; planning laboratory sampling at optimal reporting intervals, correct results within the time limits set by the legislation in force
- Special price conditions for transport and sampling from the customer's location to laboratory throughout the subscription period
- Interpretation of analysis results and personalized case management advice limit in relation to industrial analyzes
- Professional support in identifying other samples and samples in accordance with the current legislative context 

Choose a professional approach to the environmental analyzes, interpreting them with the help of our team of specialists by choosing the complete Annual Package.

Destined for: Environmental Manager, Management Dept.