Waste Audit

EU Consulting offers you: Waste Audit - Periodic verification of compliance with environmental requirements regarding waste management

Waste has become one of the most pressing daily dilemmas, being a constant present in all our actions, a result with a direct incidence of production processes. The way in which companies manage this issue involves a wide variety of resolution measures, prevention opportunities and effects with permanent impact, both positive and negative.

Service Type: Waste Audit

Package Description

Following the Waste Audit, a plan for the prevention and reduction of waste is drawn up, according to the legislative norms.

- Site verification (current waste disposal method)
- Verification of documents held (collector contracts, environmental collector permits, Annex 1 / Annex 2 / Annex 3)
- Identification of the types of waste generated
- Verification of legislation (specific obligations according to the types of waste generated)
- Carrying out the Audit report and the Waste Prevention and Reduction Plan

Regarding the verifications performed for the fulfilment of the annual recycling / recovery obligations of the waste resulting from the placing on the market of the different products and the observance of the requirements to the Environment Fund, the following may be requested in order to comply with the environmental legislation:

- Tables / records / databases on products placed on the internal market (packaged products and types of packaging, tires, mineral-based, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils, electrical and electronic equipment, portable batteries and accumulators), atmospheric emissions from stationary sources
- Documents which may be taken into account for the determination of the weight of packaging, tires, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as batteries and accumulators
- Traceability files on ensuring the achievement of recycling / recovery targets for packaging placed on the market

Under the new amendments to Law 211/2011, producers or organizations implementing extended producer responsibility obligations must set up an Internal Audit Mechanism, as appropriate, supplemented by an independent audit to assess the quality of reported data, including the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1,013 / 2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2006 on shipments of waste, as subsequently amended.

Destined for: Management of the Quality, Production, Marketing, Logistics, Environmental Manager, Continuous Improvement departments.