INDUSTRIAL WASTE Characterization Sheets in cf. with law 211/2011 and Ord. 95/2005

Through our certified partners EU Consulting offers you: Industrial Waste Characterization Sheets according to law 211/2011 and Ord. 95/2005

Did you know that?

Is there a significant difference between the substances used in Industry and the Industrial Waste generated?

That as the descriptive data sheets of the substances used in Industry are displayed in visible places and are found in the portfolio of the Environmental Manager according to 211/2011, for each waste generated a fact sheet must be prepared.
waste characterization (substance code) approved by an accredited laboratory?

EU Consulting supports the preparation of industrial waste characterization sheets with a professional approach.

Laboratory capability and resources - The environmental laboratory has the ability to perform tests required and has qualified and trained personnel to perform the tests, equipment and apparatus of calibrated laboratory, reagents and materials of appropriate quality.

Sampling - Laboratory staff take field samples from the locations of profile applicants industrialized by qualified technicians specialized in accordance with the requirements SR EN ISO 5667, SR EN ISO 19458, ISO 10381and ISO / DIS 18400-105. The samples will be taken in suitable containers, which will be made available by the laboratory, will be labeled with the place and date of sampling and sent under specific conditions to the laboratory within 24 hours of sampling.

Testing of samples - The laboratory reserves the right to refuse testing of unstabilized samples (sludge, fermentation residues) that smell bad or contain rotten animal residues. The lab doesn't keep counter-test. According to the company's policy, the remaining quantities of samples / packaging after testing will be returned as required.

Delivery of Test Reports - Test reports are submitted electronically within 6-10 business days of collection / measurement. Test reports in print format will be made only on the basis of the express request surcharge. Test reports are issued in Romanian and / or on request in English.

Quality management - Accreditation SR EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018. RENAR LI 828 certificate.

Package Description

Service type: Characterization sheets following leaching tests for solid waste cf. Ord.95 / 2005 

- analysis of substances used in production
- specialized sampling of the results of samples received from the laboratory
- advice in identifying specific codes
- preparation of waste characterization sheets
- advice and assistance in the management of regular reporting on the characterization of industrial waste

Destined for: Environmental Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager, Quality Management