We provide consultancy to design your strategy for implementing changes, impact assessments, delivering communication, designing performance indicators, and maintaining business control until the balance generated by Applied Change is restored.

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Business and Management Consultancy

Your business is unique, so must chose the solution for the development of your business. Choose a business partner who is with you every step of the way and helps you meet challenges in a professional and sustainable way by relating correctly to the resources of your business.

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Personalized consultancy on the company profile based of the analyzes that appear in the Environmental Permit. Full-time consultancy for all analyzes required to be performed annually / periodically and for planning laboratory sampling at intervals that are optimal for the correct reporting of the results within the deadlines established by the legislation in force.

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Change your online perspective with InterBranding! A product designed for the virtual corporate image of your business and online identity. The new Custom Branding solution for your business!

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EU Consulting offers excellent services in the environment industry and meets the challenges of clients operating in the industrial environment with a dynamic and innovative attitude, with complete solutions and services in the field of Environmental Protection.


Consultancy provides organizational assistance for change management at the organizational level with a role in the development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, operational improvement services in many areas.

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EU Consulting offers a new consulting concept for personal and professional development of the team, designed to combine practical experience and knowledge gained with assimilation and practice, improved communication skills in a dynamic and challenging setting.

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It is the time to approach the change and move towards business digitalization, which has become more than a market trend? Thus, the digitalization of the business together with the implementation of automated processes allow the elimination of human error in proportion of 90%, implies a more efficient working time, which translates into significant cost reductions.

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Marketing consulting is approached as a set of professional services offered by experts with experience and qualification in the field of marketing. While marketing teams and agencies usually focus on implementation and execution, marketing consultants specialize in strategy, audit and analysis.

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The Human Resources Department in an Organization coordinates with the Management all the activities related to the improvement of the functioning of the other departments and follows the application of the Internal Regulations at the level of the entire organization.

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