Consultancy in Audit

EU Consulting offers you: Consultancy in Audit

The role of consultancy is to help organizations improve their performance. Companies use the services of consultants to have access to specialized expertise

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Consultancy provides organizational assistance for change management at the organizational level with a role in the development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, operational improvement services and in many areas. Based on a specific expertise, management consultants transpose their own methodologies or own frameworks for identifying problems and for generating strategic recommendations with a role in streamlining the fulfillment of the Company's objectives.

Consultancy for Identifying the required Audit Type

It aims to distinguish and recommend the appropriate type of Internal Audit and processes, identification of non-conformities for the efficient management of the allocated processes and resources in relation to the legislation in force for various segments of the Organization.

Ask for Consultancy to determine the need for an Audit and its applicability process.

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