Marketing Consultancy

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Marketing consultancy is approached as a set of professional services offered by experts with experience and qualification in the field of marketing.

Did you know that?

While marketing teams and agencies typically focus on implementation and execution, marketing consultants specialize in strategy, audit, and analysis.

The package includes:

Applied Marketing Consultancy
The main benchmark is the decrease in potential customers and the inefficient conversion rate.

Consultancy for Establishing a New Market
The problem of expanding into a new market requires a local expert. It is associated with the analysis of competition
segment, brand construction and brand membership, relative to the target consumer.

Social Media Consultancy
It is commonly known that Social Media is an extremely competitive marketing channel. Companies tend to investigate the performance of their Social Media channels through promotional campaigns, services, products and image. This strategy is associated with the need to increase coverage and improve brand communication.

Technical Consultancy & SEO
In some cases, it is necessary to involve a marketing consultant for an internal audit focused on
analysis of benchmarks for establishing a systematization plan

In conclusion, marketing consulting services are essential resources for balancing image and promotion in a market. Marketing consulting services are an essential step in establishing the applied business model.

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