The Environmental Legislative Update creates the framework for regular discussions on debating those situations on the agenda that your company is facing. Whether it is reporting to environmental authorities, water management, industrial analysis, waste management or any other challenges regarding the impact of society on the environment, we are ready to offer you support in a professional manner, periodically, in an organized framework.


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The environmental audit is not a legislative requirement in itself but is carried out voluntarily by the responsible companies to identify the degree of compliance with the environmental legislation in force and to implement the best measures to improve environmental performance.


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ECO Scan is a professional expertise performed by our authorized specialists in the Waste Management System. We will test and prepare your environmental manager according to the latest legislative developments. We will check that your documents are drawn up correctly. We will check your entire waste management system. You will receive a report on your current status and recommendations where applicable.

Request an ECO Scan to receive support by performing an expertise

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Data required for ECO Scan

Request ECO Scan to receive support on any environmental or waste management issues by conducting an expertise within your company.

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Waste Audit - Periodic verification of compliance with environmental requirements on waste management. Waste has become one of the most pressing daily dilemmas, being a constant present in all our actions, a resultant with direct incidence of production processes. The way in which companies
manages this issue, engages in a wide variety of resolution measures, prevention opportunities and effects with permanent impact, both positive and negative.

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Waste Registration

Waste Record Application, functionalities and application in practice, the ideal solution for electronic management with the help of a waste record application

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Computer system for waste recording and management. With the help of the application, companies efficiently keep track of waste,
reports to ANPM and consultancy, all through an integrated online waste management system.

The application can serve both generators - for example companies that put packaging or other types of waste on the market, as well as collectors, transporters and waste processors.

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Complete package of INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS services customized on the company profile according to the Environmental Permit. Because the new social conditions created by the pandemic bring different challenges for companies operating in Industry, and now, more than ever, actions / objectives such as: traceability, cost efficiency, resource organization and preventive strategy are implemented at the level of each organization, efficient management of resources becomes essential.

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Environmental Management System According to ISO 14001: 2015. Personalized training on the company profile. Because your employees are the most important resource, the Module treats the requirements of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2015 standard in a customized formula, with an emphasis on risk-based thinking, preliminary analysis of documented information, process-based approach to implementing, maintaining and improving the environmental management system following the certification plan recommended following an internal audit by a multidisciplinary team for the sustained evolution of knowledge and practical applications of the participants involved.

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