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How do you manage your Waste?

From the moment that your Environment Authorization is issued, your Company has to:

  • Report the Quantity of Waste produced or resulted from your production process on monthly bases?

  • Report transport documents for dangerous substances on monthly bases?

  • To own a list containing all dangerous substances used in your production Certified by Labor Authority?


All these tasks have to be fulfilled by your Environment Manager until the 5th of the next month, according to HG 856/2002 (with reference to Waste Legal Administration) and L211/2011

(with reference to Waste Management)

What it is about

 ECO scan is a professional expertise done by our Authorized Specialist in Environmental and Waste Management in your production area

  • We will test and train your Environment Manager with updates    

  • We will check your Environmental Documents and help you stay Legal and updated

  • We will check your full Waste Management process by walking your production line

  • We will give you a Full Report regarding your current status and Recommendations where needed

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Let us optimize your waste management process with ECO scan!


With ECO scan you have:





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