Waste Registration

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Waste generation inventory
- Enter, filter and save data about waste generated within the company

Evidence of waste recovery
- Get data created automatically after a waste recovery process

Monitoring of taxes / controls of environmental authorities
- Keeps track of controls by authorities and fees paid for disposal / recovery and transport of waste

Management of Contracts
- Allows the entry, tracking and modification of data related to contracts

Reports from environmental authorities
- Automatically generates reports in accordance with current legislation

Registration of notices
- Ensures a clear and real-time view of all regulated acts introduced in the application

Management analysis and alert
- Ensures internal reporting of waste management and an alert system that prevents malfunctions in waste management

Waste transport management
Monitor information and the course of waste shipments from start to finish

Waste transport management
View the traceability of the waste disposed of after the completion of the transport from the company to the disposal / recovery point