Continuous improvement

EU Consulting proposes: Audit for continuous improvement.

Accelerates business processes. Minimizes mistakes and risk situations. It makes costs more efficient.

EU Consulting offers you Applied Continuous Improvement Audit Program - An audit that involves checking the conformity of the engineering, quality, management, environment and process segments within society.

Efficient methods of reducing problems related to quality, cost, delivered on time are presented using specific resources, modern and efficient tools and techniques in a structured and robust way by analyzing the audit report generated.

The concept of Continuous Improvement involves the performance of specific actions by management of the company such as: to measure, understand and act to improve processes and stabilizing their variation using allocated resources and minimizing the allocation of new resources.

Improving processes and stabilizing their variation can only be achieved through involvement, collaboration and coordination of all employees and decision makers that influence good process operation.

The package includes

- Activity flow planning
- Support tools: Database and maintenance software
- The PDCA cycle of improvement: Plan - Execute - Verify - Act
- Countermeasures plan for problems
- Verification of results and standardization of the solution
- Continuous Improvement Report Presentation: Conclusions and Recommendations

Program duration: depending on the applicability environment
Location: in the client's location
Participants: maximum 10
Language: RO, EN
Rating: Yes
Report: Yes

Destined for: Production, Quality, Maintenance, Logistics and Planning Department Managers, Process and Product Engineers, Process Improvement Managers, Continuous Improvement Specialists and Operational Performance.