Better Communication  Better Results 

 1. How to obtain NEW ENERGY & INOVATION but KEEP REPUTATION and TRADITION in your business?

The answer is CONNECTING PEOPLE in the right way!



EU Consulting is presenting a new customised training concept!


What is interAction!

It is a new training concept that combines both workshop experience and applicable knowledge but also experience sharing and practice in a new challenging environment.

What it is about

The purpose is to take participants out of routine and comfort zone and to challenge each team player to act & interact with colleagues and trainers using all gained skills and to deliver clear, positive message.


interAction! = improved communication

A strong built interaction between team members is the key to transform targets into results and to deliver clear messages in great time frame. 


2. Did you know that the link between information and message is the way we interact?

  • Information

  • Interpretation  

  • Message  

  • Reaction

  • Result


Let’s build together new interaction skills just the way your team needs and adapt connection and message understanding to that clear point where your work environment demands and transform plans into facts!


Structure & Deliverables  

  • Training description: customised structured training class L1

  • Objectives: improving communication skills; message interpretation; orientation to result

  • Intended for: working teams from various industries

  • Location: at customer site

  • Duration: 2 days training (see agenda for detailed information)

  • Participants: up to 10

  • Available languages: EN; RO; DE

  • Certificate: Yes


When experience and innovation work together, the success of your business is at your fingertip!

Try interAction! Training sessions experience!

Get full support with INTERACTION customised training sessions today by ordering one session of TRAINING here

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