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A different approach of Change Management

Restructuring your company or department?  Going through a take-over process?

This can be painful for you and your team. We can help! We’ll design your change implementation strategy, impact assessments, deliver communication, design KPI’s so you can stay in control.

Resistance to change is our key focus

Research shows that coercing stakeholders to change merely increases resistance.
Rather than meet resistance head-on, our supportive approach will help you find ways to weaken resistance and achieve your goals

How we do it?

We are a team of internationally certified experts that have designed a very systematic approach for helping organisations prepare and navigate through change, whether change refers to process, culture or an organisation's structure.

Our tested process explained.


1. Understand Change environment: organisational culture, capabilities and challenges

Our experts will help you define the current state of your organisation using tested tools, in accordance with International best practices

2. Define Change. Create a vision.

Not everyone in organisation sees change in the same way. It is always a blend of emotions and a wide range of, positive, negative, or neutral responses. The path is never smooth or problem free

3. Identify Change Benefits

Make sure your change delivers value and benefits are the reasons why an organisation will invest money, time and resources in these initiatives.

4. Stakeholder Strategy

Most of the corporate life focuses on things like: tasks, deliverable, documents and processes, hence it is easy to underestimate the importance of engaging people. This is where most of the change programs fail.

5. Change Impact Assessment

We’ll guide you through the maze of change impacts assessment, as a systematic 2 steps process, so you’ll keep control of your project:

  • impacts identification

  • severity assessment, risk analysis

6. Education. Build skills and knowledge

The program will be different if your project is a cultural change, or implementing a new process, versus an ERP implementation .We’ll partner with specialist in the field to create a targeted educational program to create new skills for your workforce. Our learning programs include the procedural elements needed to complete a task in the ‘future state’, as well as the attitudes needed to perform the tasks effectively. We’ll building skills and knowledge through coaching for your team.

7. Change Implementation. Motivation, readiness and prepare for resistance

With our step by step approach is much easier to identify tangible things needed (i.e. new software, IT systems, design a process) THAN to ensure that the attitudes of people and cultural conditions are in place. Challenges are to be expected.


8. Communication, engagement and facilitation 

A well thought communication ensures that the right level of interaction occurs along the way

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