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Updated: May 21, 2020

Industry Frame

There are few words which define Sustainability of a business process. Words such Productivity KPI; Communication; Innovation; Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are trend words usually used in an Industrial Environment. These concepts are frequently used with reference to Production and all related processes but when you are thinking of all needed steps that had to be taken for a Factory to start producing it is almost impossible not to talk about applied Environmental Legislation and its facts. So there it comes our idea to help Industry and all Industrial businesses to keep focus on productivity and be up to date with all Legislation Changes and new Eco applied Requirements. Here begins our story among ECO Scan and his Environmental Skills. What is Eco Scan? Eco Scan is a friendly Audit Report which will give General Management a helicopter view about how the business is performing from Environmental applied Legislation point of view. It is an opportunity and a good point to start thinking about Waste Management process and ways to improve it. It also defines an Industrial Eco Culture with lots of Training modules for the Environmental specialist and its team which consists in monthly meetings with Legislation debates and evaluation. ECO Scan report shows Specialist recommendations to be applied in Industrial Environment for a Waste Management Process improved and Legislative Safe.

The Graphic View

Part of our Marketing Strategy for the Industrial Segment this year is to promote our brand through Graphic features. This is the easiest way to show abstract products and services into concrete animation.First step was a different approach for the ECO Scan logo, and after intense brainstorming session, we came up with a different perspective of presenting the concept suitable for industrial environment. Regarding the fact that the idea of Expertise and Consultancy might sound abstract and sometimes misunderstood, we decided to create a more friendly user way of expressing EcoScan concept and what is it about.

So EcoScan character was born. He was ment to be perceived as an Industrial Super Hero that will scan business processes and the way that waste management is applied. Also as part of his super ECO skills , ECO Scan will test and train environment responsible employee regarding Legislation Updates.

Describing ECO Scan character we can say that despide of the fact that he is a cartoon-ish character, he has an unique approach for Industrial segment. His outfit consist in safety helmet, glasses and shoes , and also a green cape with the ECO Scan logo across his chest , showing his ECO Skills/ characteristics/ atributes that the ECO Scan Report is pointing out .

In order to illustrate that , we designed an animation with some key frames that are relevant for each stage of Waste Management Process .

After a short overall introduction with a friendly voice-over, each scene is a two-frame act that consists in a concrete situation or issue and the second one is the solution or the way that EcoScan character is helping out to the safe green area, such as waste reports and laboratory tests, workflow, legislation and internal training .

The video is short, concise and has an background upbeat soundtrack that keeps you listening.

The Making-of Process

Every concept has a story behind it and most people are drawn to the inside or "behind the scene" aspects of everything , that gives you a personal walktrough to the brand and the product also.

So this is the moment when a second movie about the characters and the storyboard along with different sidenotes, became relevant .

The first part of the video showes first skethes that ocurred when the idea frames was built. Than frames are turned into digital artworks, and the third part consists in printing and and cuting plastic models of the scenes and characters, that are used in marketing promotion and also give a playfull and creative sense around the office.


With ECO Scan one benefits from 4 different actions such as : Expertise, Consultancy, Training, Report that defines our product.

First of all, a good Expertise about the quantity of produced waste from one company and environmentaly safetiness is vital for Industrial market.

With a good Consultancy, our team is improving business and helps not to waste time on Waste.

A good tailor made Training module is supporting for the environmental team and keeps focus on Legislation updates.

Generated Report will give a realistic view trough the waste management records and help the business process stay green and safe.

Staying professional is the first step not only to a good business but a successful one .

The best Solution for Industrial Waste Management .

Visit us today on to book your ECO Scan report !

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