InterChange - Different approach of Change Management

Updated: Apr 4

InterChange - Different approach of Change Management

Restructuring your company or department?

Going through a take-over process?

This can be painful for you and your team. We can help! We’ll design your change implementation strategy, impact assessments, deliver communication, design KPI’s so you can stay in control.

Why to be open for Change Management?

When we see a rational opportunity for improvement (a take-over of a company that makes sense in terms of combined benefits, or new system that will make processes, more efficient), we start making plans to make that improvement. However, we soon start to realise that not everyone is applauding and cheering.

A Gallup study finding: About 70% of Change initiatives fail .Why so many?

Top 3 reasons for such a high failure rate are:

People resistance to change: 82% of cases

Inadequate sponsorship: 72% of the cases

Unrealistic expectation: 65%

Is it hopeless? No. Our experts can improve your success rate.

EU Consulting experts can help you design an effective change management program to improve your adoption speed, utilisation rate and employee proficiency.

Our proven process will give you a clear path to follow

a clear understanding of the ways in which your organisation will benefit from the change

the organisation's capacity and capability to undertake it

understanding of the change impacts on your organisation with a gap analysis and mitigation plans

change strategy and a change plan for implementation, integrated with the implementation project management

how individuals and teams can be supported through the change by good leadership, appropriate training and facilitation

leadership training

Train your assigned Change Leader(s), leadership team and middle management in The Management of Change, so you can save significant costs.

Ask today for InterChange Training plan for Leaders!

Clarify the role of your leaders during Change Initiative with our tested approach.

Your managers will lead more efficiently and be able to stay ahead of the game. We’ll guide them step-by-step, so they’ll be able to implement change by themselves. You’ll have an organisation in a ‘Change Ready’ state, while keep costs in control, as you’ll benefit of trained internal resources.

Increase Change Management awareness in your organisation. Why?

Stakeholders will have different perspectives of the change and inevitably will raise problems and concerns that will have to be explored, assessed and taken into account to ensure ownership of any change program.

Change Mangers and Leaders need to maintain the momentum of Change and re-energise engagement throughout the initiative, hence the need of being aware of strategies and tactics of influencing, but also for aligning their day-to-day behaviour.

Your managers are already familiar with the organisation's culture and processes and can contribute with useful insights

They can be quick to move into informal new assignments to support initiative

Staff is more likely to trust their colleagues and managers

An excellent career development opportunity

Key challenge? Project needs vs Business needs

Managers will have to decide what can be absorbed (or not) and what the consequences might be for the project deliverable, or business. Properly equipping them with the necessary information will give them the necessary tools, as well as the flexibility to adapt to uncertain situations, while still remain within the project framework. The challenge is not to avoid the bumps and pain that comes with the change (because they can’t), but to enable them to respond when things do not go as expected.

One of the best ways to build support for change is by ensuring that Managers are able to participate

During the training some key areas will be covered:

Change Management skills development, for managers and middle managers, so they can effectively manage implementation and embed the in their teams

Build support for the change: key activities to be addressed to increase buy-in

Analyse stakeholders: who they are, why are important, how to engage them and how often

Resistance: what are the expected types of resistance and reasons and how to deal with them

Communication: how to target communication at different audiences and what channels to use and when

How to include change management activities within overall Project plan

An increased awareness of Change Management within the Leadership team will ensure proper alignment as well as encourage an interactive development of the program , with many opportunities for groups of stakeholders and individuals to contribute

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