Tagline / Slogan

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EU Consulting proposes: Tagline / Slogan


The tagline is a slogan, an expression. It is linked to a specific brand and helps to connect a message with that brand and to recognize it. It is that expression associated with the Brand that stays in your mind and that completes the message and the image of your business in front of the target customers. Creating a slogan can be a very powerful way to make customers understand what the brand is about and imprint the brand in the minds of consumers.

A slogan is highlighted by marketing campaigns and determines both the identity of the Brand and the dedicated segment of the public for which it was created.


Did you know that there is a psychological phenomenon caused by the simple display of a Brand accompanied by the right Slogan, for which man tends to develop a preference for things only to find himself or is familiar with the message transmitted?


A Tagline and a Customized Advertising Slogan is a business card and the first impression of a Brand; in just a few words, the vibration of the brand and its association with the target audience is perceived.


Did you know that the terms Tagline Vs Slogan are similar in meaning only with different meanings? * Often "tagline" and "slogan" are used as synonyms but do not mean the same thing; * A tagline is, more about the brand itself, and should last over time (does not change). The slogan refers to the tone and feeling you want for your products or services.


Slogans are meant to be less durable and more flexible.

They are often used in advertising campaigns. (changes over time).

Slogans are often used only for a product or campaign.


If you are looking for a brand slogan that will last over time you should start with developing a brand strategy first.


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