Story Frame - The story behind the company

The Brand story involves an emotional reaction created by values, purpose and motivation with which the business "went on the road" and which automatically impacts the shape of a brand over time. A brand story is not only an important marketing resource but also the business direction that is felt in all departments of the organization. The story behind a business is more than a narrative and its content, the text in a brochure or presentation used to be perceived by the target audience / partners.




The business perception is not only the message sent to the people, but the way in which the image of the Brand is assimilated by the public based on the energy that the Brand transmits in all the promoted forms. The story becomes a complete image made up of actions, emotions and interpretation, meaning that a part of a Brand's story is written by itself, passing through the filter of those who perceive it.


The way things happen in the business context, the image features of the business from color and texture, business cards ... to the identity of the staff reflects the story of your brand through each element that belongs to it and transmits the information back to the user final.


If you found yourself in the above lines, it means that it is the right time to rewrite the story of your business, which of course begins with: "it was once ..."


Your story begins with the connection made when the customer hears your name for the first time, when he sees your logo, visits your site, reads about your page and experiences interactions on Social Media or long before those exposed when the business idea and -it made room in your mind and the decision to follow your dream took shape.


Package Description


Service Type: Story Frame - The story behind the company


Original story customized on the company profile

Excerpts from Story / Images adapted for Social Media - 3 frames

Contouring Newsletter content adapted to target customers

Brand identity card A4 - frame images - frame images / text story for the company - 10 pcs.

- Brand identity simulation (print or Media) - 3 frames



You need to give your customers a story to tell

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