Environmental Legislation Update

Any challenge can be successfully overcome if it is analyzed and debated in an appropriate context by the team members.

EU Consulting is presenting:  - A customized framed concept upon Environmental Legislation Update


The Environmental Legislation Update creates a good framework for your regular environment meetings on debating those situations that your company is facing.


Whether it is reporting to environmental authorities, Water management, Industrial analysis, Waste management or any other challenges regarding the impact of the company/ corporation has from environmentally point of view, we are ready to offer you support in a professional and periodically manner, through an organized framework.

It is that kind of monthly quality interaction about environmental issues, where professional support helps you to solve real time challenges that overcome on regularly basis with direct involvement of company's management and the environmental responsible representative.

It has vital importance to stay updated with the legislative news in the appropriate manner having access to customized support resources created linked to your corporate profile, but also to be able to ask and receive the right answer at the right time when you face certain situations that requires professional advice.

Because we believe that effective communication is always the essential link between departments; and that awareness of the challenges that environmental issues can bring is also very important, having an organized meeting frame on effective regular discussions with key persons from each department creates long lasting results in avoiding deadlines, cost efficiency, improving team performance, including continuous training of the environmental responsible representative.


Package description:

  • Environmental Folder – A5 format support material (delivered on monthly basis) which includes the environmental legislation updates, relevant articles centered on company’s interests and profile ; solutions and improvement on waste management process including  consultancy upon company’s obligations for the competent authorities

  • Monthly Environmental meeting with company’s management (60’ duration) – framework, debate with issues of interest communicated in advance in the client's location or online

  • Environmental Consulting – unlimited throughout the subscription

  • Support in managing environmental situations (complaints, inspections etc. )

  • Evaluation / Training (3 h) with the environmental representative for the environmental obligations focused on the company profile (with certificate) .

Intended for: Quality, production, marketing, logistics, environmental Management Team, continuous improvement responsible.